Hot Shots

Monthly Newsletter of the Paloma Ferrea Pistol Club, Inc. ~ ~ August 2 , 2015




Hi Folks,

We had pretty warm weather for our August match as you would expect.  But we had a pretty good turnout of some hardy souls.  I will be a warm one again this Sunday so bring plenty of water.


  Here are the results:


Our scope sight match winner was Chris Spurlock with a 26 after a shoot off with Mike Shepard.  Chris shot 5 turkeys in a row in that shoot off – great shooting!                                                                                                 

I was the iron sight match winner with a 29.  I was shooting my BF 22 hornet. Next closest was Dale Mayer with a 27.


Chris Spurlock shot 10 pigs for our only 10 in a row (again!).


I won the revolver challenge with a 25 score and  a 25 net. 


Bob Hershey won the lever gun challenge with a 24 score and a 29 net.


Remember, in September we are on Summer hours!! So practice starts at 8:00am and the match at 9:00am. 


See you this coming Sunday.


Al Kuenn