Hot Shots

Monthly Newsletter of the Paloma Ferrea Pistol Club, Inc. ~ ~ Feb 4, 2017









Hi Folks,

Hope to see you all at the March match this coming Saturday. 


We had some cool weather, but a very good turnout in February.   We had a great turnout among lever action shooters, since they were warming up for a big match.


We had some good scores, so it looks like folks are getting into the groove for 2017.


  Here are the results from the February match:


Our scope sight match winner was me with a 36.  Ed Sims was the next closest with a nice 28, and Andrew Paxia was next with a 26.

 Both of them are flirting with moving into the AAA class.


I was the iron sight match winner with a 29. Next closest was Dale Mayer, with a 20.


I was the only 10 in-a- row shooter in February -- with a couple of 10 in a row in pigs (iron and scope) and a 10 in a row rams in the scope class. 


Monica won the revolver challenge with a 17 score and a 22 net.  Good shooting Monica!


Jerry Basquette won the lever gun challenge with a 33 score and a 35 net, twice!  Great shooting Jerry.


Please remember to pay your yearly dues this match if you have not done so already, thanks!



Remember, we are still on Winter hours! So practice starts at 9:00am and the match at 10:00am. 


See you this coming Sunday.


Al Kuenn