Hot Shots

Monthly Newsletter of the Paloma Ferrea Pistol Club, Inc. ~ ~ Jan 7, 2018







Hi Folks,


Our February match is this coming Sunday.


  Here are the results from the December match:


I was our scope sight match winner with a 27.  Dale M was next closest with a 26.


Dale Mayer was the iron sight match winner with a 25.  Ed S and I were next closest with a 20.


There were no 10 in-a-row shooters in January. 


Zack and Monica won the revolver challenge with an 18 score and a 23 net.  Dale had a problem with his revolver and had to scratch.


Craig B won the lever gun challenge with a 33 net score.  This event continues to be a well-attended one. We had 9 shooters in this event last Sunday.


It was a very windy day, so these scores were very good considering the conditions.



Remember, we are now running Winter hours! So practice starts at 9:00am and the match at 10:00am. 


See you this coming Sunday.


Al Kuenn