Hot Shots

Monthly Newsletter of the Paloma Ferrea Pistol Club, Inc. ~ ~ July 5 , 2015




Hi Folks,

We had very good weather for July last match.  It had rained the night before and the morning was relatively cool.  Good turn out too.


  Here are the results:


 Our scope sight match winner was Dale Mayer with a 24 after a shoot off with Chris Spurlock. 

                                                                            Dale was shooting his TC 22 hornet.                                                                                          

I was the iron sight match winner with a 34.  I was shooting my BF 22 hornet.. Next closest was Chuck Zufall with a 22.


Chris Spurlock shot 10 pigs for our only 10 in a row.


Roger Gannon won the revolver challenge with a 27 score and  a 32 net. 


There were no lever gun results on the website.  Sorry.

Everone tired from the Nationals


Remember, in June we are on Summer hours!! So practice starts at 8:00am and the match at 9:00am. 


See you this coming Sunday.


Al Kuenn