Hot Shots

Monthly Newsletter of the Paloma Ferrea Pistol Club, Inc. ~ ~ Nov 1, 2014







Hi Folks,

We had very nice weather for our November match and should have beautiful weather this Sunday.    Hope to see you there.   No excuses.


  Here are the results:


Our scope sight match winner was Dale Mayer with a nice 30.  Next closest was Charlie Hughes with a 28.


Dale was the iron sight match winner with a 31. Nice shooting Dale!  Next closest was me with a 29.


The iron sight shooters got it done with three shooters getting 10 in a row – myself, Dale, and Jim McCrank all had 10 pigs.   Who needs a scope?


Dale won the revolver challenge with a 22 score and a 22 net. 


Tim Finley won the lever gun challenge with a 29 score and a 34 net.  Nice shooting Tim.


Remember, we are on Winter hours! So practice starts at 9:00am and the match at 10:00am. 


See you this coming Sunday.


Al Kuenn