Hot Shots

Monthly Newsletter of the Paloma Ferrea Pistol Club, Inc. ~ ~ Oct 10, 2010




Hi Folks,


Well the weather is getting cooler and its time to switch back to winter hours.  We had 11 shooters in our 'Bonus' edition of revolver challenge last month, so we will try that again this month. For those of you that missed it, in the bonus version you get extra points based on your iron sight class...and those points are added to your score to determine your final score.  Jess Pilcher won last time and I think he walked away with $22.


Missing Persons -

So we haven't  seen some of our members in a while....Rocky, Dennis, Linda, John, Billy, Neil, Kathryn, Pat, Nancy, Len…..


Volunteer Help -

There is a lot of work involved in running a match, especially at the standard that Shelley and Roy set.  Please set up and volunteer to help out if you can.  Specifically we are looking  for:


        Monthly Bulletin.  Sandy used to put out the bulletin every month, but now that he is recovering, I need to see if I can get someone else to take on that task.

        Web Site.  Fred has agreed to maintain the website, but Fred does a lot of target maintenance, and other tasks as well.  If we have any tech savvy folks out there that could help out with the site, it would be greatly appreciated.

        Scoring Hut.  Dale Burk has started working on building out the scoring hut.  If you can lend a hand, I am sure he would appreciate the help.  You can reach him at  (623) 979-8659.

        Calling the Match.   If there is anyone that usually just shoots one gun and would like to call the match, please let me know.  We actually get a number of volunteers to call the match and that is really appreciated.  But most of those volunteers would like to shoot two guns too. So if you are only shooting one gun and can call the match, please let us know right at the beginning of the match.



I guess that’s about it….see you on the 14th.  In November we switch to winter hours, so practice starts at 9:00am…match at 10:00am.


Al Kuenn