Hot Shots

Monthly Newsletter of the Paloma Ferrea Pistol Club, Inc. ~ ~ Sept 12, 2010







Hi Folks,

Well it looks like we will have some nice weather this Sunday.  Cooler at least.


I just wanted to remind everyone about keeping safety in mind while we are shooting at the matches.  Please remember to bring and use your open bolt indicators (OBI) while bring your gun to the line and while moving from station to station.


And something I am guilty of quite often…once you are on the line, please remember that you should not handle your firearm for any reason until you get the load command. 


I know most of you have years of experience, but we do have some new shooters as well so it doesn’t hurt to repeat some safety rules every once in a while.


Just a reminder, we are going to try the ‘Bonus’ version of revolver challenge this month. I sent out a note about it earlier this month so you would have plenty of time to get your revolver and ammo ready.  Basically you will be given bonus points based on your iron sight classification.


If you have items you would like to put in the classifieds, just send me an email.


I guess that is about it.  Please remind me to talk about a cookout for the November Match.


See you at the match...practice at 8:00am, match starts at 9:00am.  Bring plenty of water to drink so you stay hydrated during the match.  



Al Kuenn