Hot Shots

Monthly Newsletter of the Paloma Ferrea Pistol Club, Inc. ~ ~ Feb 7th., 2010



Hello everyone.  We will be having a match this Sunday the 14th of march.  There should be beautiful weather so please plan on coming out.

In we will be collecting the yearly dues for 2010 if you have not already paid them.  They are $15 for the Paloma membership and then $12 for the NRA scorebook.  That will cover you for the whole year.

Practice starts at 9:00am and the match starts at 10:00am.  Please plan on getting there early so that we can get all the dues collected, books filled in, etc. 

I guess that’s about it….see you on the 10th.  We are still on winter hours, so practice starts at 9:00am…match at 10:00am.

Al Kuenn  (temporarily standing in for  Sanford)