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Monthly Newsletter of the Paloma Ferrea Pistol Club, Inc. ~ ~ Jan 10th., 2010



Hi Folks,

Happy 2010 everyone!  We will be having a match this Sunday the 7th of Feb.  The match was moved up from its normal 2nd Sunday of the month due to conflicting events.

In we will be collecting the yearly dues for 2010 if you have not already paid them.  They are $15 for the Paloma membership and then $12 for the NRA scorebook.  That will cover you for the whole year.

Practice starts at 9:00am and the match starts at 10:00am.  Please plan on getting there early so that we can get all the dues collected, books filled in, etc. 

Here is a repeat of the class scoring rules that we mentioned last month...for those who missed it.

Please pay particular attention to your scores for 2009 and their effect on the class you shoot in.  Here is an excerpt from the NRA classification rule:

19.17 Reclassification - Competitors will be reclassified to a higher classification when they fire two scores in any higher classification to go from B class upward or three scores in any higher classification to go from A, AA or AAA upward.

If you would like to see the entire rule description, copy and paste this link into your browser  (IE, Firefox, etc)

We need your help to self police this policy, we are supposed to check each competitors score book at the beginning of the match, but we often forget to do that.  If you shoot three scores in the next higher class, you are now in that class…congratulations!

I guess that’s about it….see you on the 10th.  In November we switched to winter hours, so practice starts at 9:00am…match at 10:00am.

Al Kuenn  (temporarily standing in for  Sanford)