Hot Shots

Monthly Newsletter of the Paloma Ferrea Pistol Club, Inc. ~ ~ Jun 13th., 2010



Hi Folks,
Well we had a great match last month with a number of shoot-offs. 

We had a shoot off for Scope Match Winner between Fred Paxia and Nick Papagalos.

Dale Mayer and Dale Burk had a shoot off for 1st Place AAA Scope.  Al Sheffel and Andrew Paxia had a shoot-off for AA Scope. 

Nick Papagalos and Dennis Taylor had a shoot-off for AAA iron sights.

 If you want to know who won you need to check the June results at

We also experimented with a new squadding idea last month and I think it worked well, so we will run with that in July as well.

A special thanks to Fred Paxia, Terry Riley, and Bill Cole for all the work done on the target and the reset system in the last couple months.  They have re-welded and replaced at least a half a dozen animals.

I am kicking around the idea of starting a version of the revolver challenge where you are given bonus points based on your normal iron site class.  Please remind me to talk about that before the match gets started.

For those of you that feel like travelling a bit, Ron Stryker is hosting a Colorado and New Mexico State match at Raton the first week in Aug.  Here is a link to more info:

See you at the match...practice at 8:00am, match starts at 9:00am.  Bring plenty of water to drink so you stay hydrated during the match. 


Al Kuenn