Paloma Ferrea Pistol Club Membership

Club dues are $15.00 for one year. Due in January. This entitles the member to a $2.00 discount on match fees. You will receive the monthly club newsletter "HOT SHOT". A new member pays a one-time fee of $5.00 for registration. Shooting fees include a mandated $6.00 per day BASF usage fee. If you have any questions, ask any of the officers or the club members for more information.


Membership Appilcation Form
( ) New Member
( ) Renewal

New member, please add $5.00 for registration fee Club dues are $15.00 per year from the month of joining

New Member:
  $20.00 (fees collected in Jan)
  $15.00 (fees colected in Jan)


Check payable to: Paloma Ferrea Pistol Club
Send to: PO Box 2393 Sun City, AZ 85372-2393
Name: _______________________________
Address:____________________________ City:______________________________
State:______________________________ Zip:__________________
N.R.A. Member #:__________________ Expiration Date:_____________
A.S.R.P.A. Member #:_______________ Expiration Date:_____________

NOTE: The information provided by you will be used only within the Paloma Ferrea Pistol Club. We DO NOT sell or give away your address or phone number.

Print this form and send or bring to the match