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   Your first N.R.A. (National Rifle Association) Hunter's Pistol Silhouette Match can be a daunting experience. It is suggested that your first try should be accompanied by an experienced shooter that can help you through the process the first time. Please do not be bashful, there are many experienced shooters more than willing to give you a hand. If you have difficulty finding someone to help out, ask the Range Officer, Match Director or any Club Official and we will get a mentor for you. We are a friendly bunch and want your first experience to be a Safe and Fun one. So if you have questions, just ask. Your first try may be a "practice round" (non-competitive) at a reduced cost.

        Paloma Ferrea Pistol Club uses a "OPEN" system of squadding. That means that you will find a open bank for your relay.  All shooters begin firing first on the "Chicken" line. There you may place your equipment on the stand in front of your assigned bay of targets and await the command "Shooters to the Line", standby your equipment but DO NOT touch your pistol. Be sure to comunicate with others on the line to prevent mixup. All shooters must start on chickens. If you need asistance one of the range officers or club member will help you.

        When the line is ready, the Range Officer will then give the command "You have 30 seconds to load, LOAD". You may now handle your pistol, make sight adjustments, and load with no more than five cartridges.  At the end of the 30 seconds, the Range Officer will then give the command "You have two minutes to fire five rounds, FIRE". Fire at your first standing target to the left in the left most bank of your assigned target bay of 10. One through five, left to right. Your second shot should be on the second target in the bank regardless of whether or not your prior shot was hit or miss. And then continue in a like manner until the last target (fifth) has been engaged. At the end of the two minutes, the Range Officer will give the command "Cease fire, open and empty all firearms and make the line safe". Do not touch your firearm again until you have an active Load or Fire command. Again the Range Officer will command "Shooters to the line" and "You have 30 seconds to load, LOAD" etc. After the second string of five rounds, the Range Officer will command "Open and empty all actions and make the line safe". Do so in preparation for moving to your left to the next set of animals corresponding to your assigned position. Don't forget to employ the "ECI" (Empty Chamber Indicator) or "OBI" (Open Bolt Indicator) at this time.

        Please remember that it is very important that you obey all range commands promptly. They are given for your safety and that of others. Occasionally it may be necessary to send range personnel down range and into the impact area. You will be asked to step back from the firing line and away from your firearms. This is so that the whole firing line may be observed and made safe for this purpose.

        Mark your score card at the completion of each bay of targets, X's for hits and O's for misses. You may have ONE spotter, scorekeeper on the line with you. He/she may not touch your firearm or the shooter at anytime. NRA rules provide for ONE "Alibi" per match. This means that if your firearm malfunctions or misfires, you will be allowed to fire the unfired rounds in that string of five. When you have such an occurrence, notify the Range Officer and he will determine the cause of the incident and schedule the Alibi fire. Return your score card to the "Stats Officer" after you have finished firing all 40 shots.

        NRA rules are extensive and a current copy of those rules should be a part of your preparation for future shooting events. The Club will occasionally have copies of the NRA Pistol Silhouette Rule Book for sale at the "Stats Table". In order to shoot in competition, you must have a current year's "NRA Classification/Score Book" which also may be purchased at the "Stats Table".

        We also invite you to join our Club. Dues are a modest $20.00  per year and as a member, you can recapture that investment by enjoying a member's discount ($5.00) at the regular scheduled events (usually 1st Sunday). Newsletter included. We also encourage you to join both the NRA and the Arizona State Rifle and Pistol Association.

Safety First, next and always!

Paloma Ferrea Pistol Club , Phoenix Arizona, USA