Paloma Ferrea Pistol Club
 Phoeniz, Arizona
Equipment Rules

NRA Hunter's Pistol Equipment Rules

  You can find all of the rules in Section 3 of the N.R.A. Pistol Silhouette Rule Book.

Pistol Silhouette Rule Book (PDF)

Pistol: Single shot, revolver or semi-automatic pistol with barrel length of 12” or less.

Weight: 5 pounds total, including sights  Guns must have a “Safe” trigger (not fire on closing of action)

Cartridges: Straight wall pistol cartridges. Including: 22LR, 22WMR, 22 Hornet*, 270 Ren*, 30 Carbine*, 32, 32-20, 25-20 9mm, 357, 38, 10mm, 40, 41, 44, 45 Caliber. See the list for more specific limitations. No steel core or tracer ammunition allowed

Note: These * marked and any other cartridges must NOT cause damage to targets or other equipment. No Factory ammunition allowed in these cartridges on our range due to the potential for damage to targets  and welds. Limit Muzzle Velocity of reloads to 1950fps and under.

Sights: There are two classifications: Open or Iron sights and Any sights (Scopes, red dots). No laser sights allowed. No provision is made for a classification division between Center Fire and Small Bore (.22lr.) on our range due to the 3/8” plate construction of our targets.

N.R.A. Rule Books are occasionally available from the Club, also from the Competitions Department at N.R.A. Urge you to obtain a copy for your personal information. There’s lots more stuff in there to learn and it never hurts to know all the rules.
The stuff you will need:
EYE and EAR protection are MANDATORY
The O.B.I. (Open Bolt Indicator), E.C.I. (Empty Chamber Indicator), Chamber Flag.
(We have them at the matches and they are available at the Public Range Office)
N.R.A. classification book (mandatory after the first practice match)
Range caddy, zippered soft case, pistol box, or snap closure holster, (mandatory)
You may need:
Small clip board
Small screw driver that fits the sight screws of your scope or open sights
Pen or pencil to record the scores
Count down timer (Available at Radio Shack and Sinclair International)
Loading block for 5 rounds
Cleaning equipment and supplies
Spotting board
Spotting scope or binoculars

    Being prepared is a large part of successful shooting.

Paloma Ferrea Pistol Club , Phoenix Arizona, USA
Paloma Ferrea Pistol Club , Phoenix Arizona, USA