Paloma Ferrea Pistol Club
P. O. Box 2393 Sun City, AZ 85372-2393

2011 Club Champions


Any Sight
Iron Sight
First Place:
Dale Mayer
Al Kuenn
Second Place: Pete Terharr Dale Mayor
Third Place: Fred Paxia Chuck Zufall
Fourth Place: Chuck/Nick Jim McCrank

Championship points are earned as follows:

Match Winner
7 points
1st Place in Class
5 points
2nd Place in Class
3 points
3rd Place in Class
1 point

There must be 2 shooters in a class to earn 1st place points, 3 shooters for 2nd place points and 5 shooters for 3rd place points. Same as monthly awards. This a kinda’ Nascar Point system that Sanford dreamed up years ago. It gives everyone a chance to win, place or show in the Championship competition. Come out to as many matches as you can and place in your class and you will be high up in the standings by the years end. Added in 2009 is 4th place for Club Champ only. ( winner gets free shoot card ) Awards given during summer month cook out.

 Club Champions: 2007,2008,2010


Paloma Ferrea Pistol Culb P. O. Box 2393 Sun City, AZ 85372-2393 USA